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Links to Glycerin and Parben studies and information

Compiled by Colin Roy

Studies and Information about glycerin:


What is glycerin?
A short article defining what glycerin is and a few of the methods of manufacturing glycerin and glycerol.


Choosing a lubricant
An article that informs the reader how to chose a lubricant, and some of the negative effects that can occur with certain types of lubricants.


Can I get a yeast infection from a personal lubricant?
An article answering a personal question about glycerin and yeast infections.


Studies and Information about parabens:


The Estrogen Receptor Relative Binding Affinities of Chemicals
A study showing that concludes that parabens do in fact bond to the Estrogen Receptor, indicating a possible link to breast cancer.


The Truth About Parabens
A short article discussing parabens and Endocrine Disruptors and the possible effects of human and animal exposure to parabens.


Safety of parabens in personal lubricants
A sexuality article on discussing parabens as used in personal lubricants, and linking to a Breast Cancer Awareness article.


Parabens in laymen's terms
An article by an organic aromatherapy company that explains parabens and the concerns in a simple and straightforward way.


Wikipedia Paraben Entry
Encyclopedic entry covering parabens, their use, history, and possible harmful effects, complete with references.

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